5 Tips For Better Dental Health

5 Tips For Better Dental Health

You’ve heard it a million times – “brush more often, floss every day, use a fluoride rinse”… but how many of us actually follow these instructions to the letter? It’s easy enough to know that you need to take care of your teeth, but how do you fit dental hygiene into your daily life? Modern dental health benefits from a wealth of products and gadgets that can make oral hygiene easier to fit into your daily life. Try these 5 tips and improve your dental health!

The Perfect Paste

Not all toothpaste is equal! And there is surely a paste that fits you and your lifestyle. Brands like Sensodyne can help reduce sensitivity in your teeth, while Biotene toothpaste is gentler than many common brands and can also combat dry mouth. There are also lots of natural alternatives to traditional paste, including Tom’s of Maine Prebiotic toothpaste, and Hello Activated Charcoal Toothpaste. You can even help save the environment (and clean your teeth on the go) with Unpaste toothpaste tabs.

Electric Excitement

Most of us brush regularly, but how well do we really brush our teeth? No matter how well you scrub your teeth there is likely an electric brush that can do it even better. Electric toothbrushes can help improve the health of your gums and prevent brushing too hard. There are models to suit every lifestyle and budget, including Philips Sonicare, Oral B Pro 1000, Spinbrush Pro Clean, the Colgate hum, and the Brio Smartclean.

Fantastic Flossing

No one wants to floss, even though it is one of the most effective ways to keep your gums and your mouth healthy. If messy strings of floss are keeping you from achieving your best dental hygiene, consider throwing out the traditional floss and trying something new! Water flossers are effective and easy to use (and don’t require the hassle of dealing with floss). Some of our favorites include Waterpik, Burst, and Pur Clean. On the go, you can use floss picks like the ones from Dentek or GUM, both of which make it easy to remove that little bit of spinach leftover from your lunch quickly and easily.

Marvelous Mouthwash

Mouthwash isn’t just a harsh, minty rinse anymore. Modern mouthwash allows you to rinse in ways that fit your lifestyle and your preferences thanks to a wide variety of choices. If you like the convenience of toothpaste tablets, complement the benefits with Zero Waste mouthwash tablets. Nature lovers can reap the rewards of the ocean with Olas Marine Bio-Active mouthwash, or use plant stem cells to improve your dental health with Kore vegan mouthwash. If you find mouthwash irritating, try an alkalizing mouthwash like Risewell Balancing mouthwash or My Magic Mud activated charcoal alcohol-free mouthwash.

Helpful Habits

There is a lot of talk about cleaning your mouth, but taking care of your health in other ways can make a big difference in the health of your teeth and gums. Remember to drink lots of water. Not only does hydration combat dry mouth, it also improves circulation, an important factor in the health of your gums. Be careful to limit sugar and sweeteners in your diet, and be sure to brush your teeth or rinse after sugary food and drinks. Don’t ignore problems in your mouth. If you have a sore tooth, your gums bleed easily, or if you notice pain and sensitivity when you eat or drink, contact your dentist. And of course, keep up with your regular dental checkups to help spot larger problems including mouth cancers.

The bottom line? Modern dental hygiene can be tailored to fit your life and make it easier for you to keep up with a good routine. Find what works for you, and look for products that make it fun to keep your mouth clean and fit oral hygiene into your daily life.

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