Downtown Dental Reviews

At Downtown Dental we are proud to offer the best dental care in Charlottesville and our customer reviews reflect that! Read some of our reviews below to find out what our customers have to say!

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    5 star review  I think the offic is great. Saw Dr. Nish and he listened to what my concerns were and explained what his findings were and how he would be addressing them and what I needed to do. His assistant was great the hygienist was great. They have modern technology. He fixed the tooth I was having cold sensitivity in, and the molar I had problems with. I got my crown the same day at the office. Everyone was super. Thank you so much!!!

    thumb Karen Williams

    5 star review  I first met Dr. Dalah at VCU dental clinic in Richmond. He took over my care from a dentist who had moved on to private practice. I was having implant work done, a upper arch as well as implants on my lower jaw. This man is Sharp. He is on the cutting edge of this technology and has shown me his lab and explained, in detail ,procedures so that a layman, such as I, could understand what the future held for me and the choices that he could provide. He is a excellent dentist, a specialist, and a even better person, and a friend. Downtown Dental is a great place to go . He's there.

    thumb Don Steadman

    5 star review  This was one of the best dental experiences I've ever had. The doctor was great and it wasn't a painful visit (usually I'm scared to death to go to the dentist.)

    thumb Tabbie Eichler

    5 star review  I came in for a cleaning and my Hygienist Amy was so warm and pleasant. She really put me at ease. And her knowledge of Dental Care was informative. I did not expect this visit to be so easy. She was thorough and very forthcoming with issues I needed to take care of. I really enjoyed my time at the Dentist. Really didn’t expect to say that but I did. I ask that this Hygienist be recognized for going above and beyond in explaining everything

    thumb Lawrence “Detreezy” Collier

    5 star review  Thanks to Dr. Stump and Cheyenne for the time and precision taken to ensure that my crown was a perfect fit and match. I was hesitant to have it done, as it's the first major dental work that I've needed. Overall, it was as pleasant as it could be. The office protocols in place due to Covid-19 made me very comfortable. Both of my appointments were easy to schedule and ran on time. Dr. Stump explained the entire process before beginning and as she proceeded through each step. She answered all of my questions and both she and Cheyenne put me right at ease. My temporary crown fit perfectly as does my permanent one. Kudos to these dental professionals for a job well done.

    thumb Wendy Mitchem