About Us

At Downtown Dental in Charlottesville, our dentists believe our patients should be treated as if they were our own family. Our experienced staff works hard to address your individual dentistry needs in our caring, comfortable dental office. We know that choosing a dentist to care for your oral health and for your family is a big decision. We work hard to help you understand and maintain good dental health and to help you make informed decisions.

We Welcome Emergencies!

As our patient and a part of our family, our dental staff wants to end your pain right now! If you are coming to us as a new patient or if you have avoided dentistry before, we want to help, and we encourage you to call us immediately if you are in pain. Did you break a tooth on popcorn? Are you experiencing unexplained mouth pain and sensitivity? Call us! We take pride in being able to help you in a compassionate, prompt, and conscientious way.

Convenient, Simple Scheduling

Our Charlottesville dental office offers convenient scheduling and appointment reminders. Call us today to set up your next dental appointment. We can provide something more than mere reminder phone calls: we are glad to email or text you about your dental appointment!

Our Dental Technology

It is our primary goal to offer state-of-the-art dental technology. We specialize in comprehensive dental care and we have the experience, staff, and equipment to provide the best care available.