Digital Technology

Technology has improved our lives in many ways. We believe that your dental experience should be the same. Our practice utilizes the latest intraoral scanners which eliminate traditional dental impressions from your visit entirely. That means no more gagging on gooey impression material! In addition, our 3D CBCT allows us to diagnose any abnormalities in the head & neck region early on and make implant surgeries extremely predictable. 

Intraoral 3D Scanner

Our office is proud to say that we were the first dental practice in the Charlottesville area to offer digital impressions back in 2000. Since then, we have been diligent about upgrading our equipment to the latest technology.

In past, you may have experienced a traditional dental impression where a tray full of gooey material was placed in the mouth until it set. We understand that this was uncomfortable for all, and triggered the gag reflex for many. Now, our Dentists use an intraoral scanner that takes a precise 3D impression of your teeth. That means crowns, implant restorations, night guards and clear aligners no longer involve traditional impressions.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Our dentists use cone beam imaging to take 3D images of the underlying structures in your jaws and face. We often use this dental technology to diagnose oral conditions, educate patients, plan treatment, and follow up after procedures. Since cone beam imaging is minimally invasive, it’s great if you have a high gag reflex or dental anxiety.