Managing Dental Anxiety

Many people have a fear of dentists and dental procedures. Sadly, anxieties about dentistry often prevent those suffering from dental problems from seeking solutions, forcing them to endure pain and cause damage that could be eliminated with routine dental care. This fear is not only unfounded and detrimental to your health, but it is also unnecessary.

Modern dentistry provides a variety of ways to make dental procedures painless and stress-free. Whether your level of anxiety is trifling or completely debilitating, there are techniques and methods to ease or eliminate your fears. Try some of these ideas to help ease your anxiety and keep your mouth healthy and pain-free:

Make appointments as early in the day as possible. Waiting all day for a dentist appointment can cause anxiety to build and make you dread your appointment. Schedule procedures as early in the day as you can to prevent anticipation and the associated fear.

Wear headphones. For many, it’s not the procedure but the sound of the dental tools that is so terrifying. Try listening to music or your favorite podcast during cleanings and dental work. Not only will it drown out the sound of the tools, but it will also distract you from the procedures themselves and make time go by more quickly.

Discuss your fears with your dentist. Some people feel that it is easier if the dentist explains each procedure as it is performed; others would prefer not to be told what is happening at all. Let your dentist know what scares you and what makes you comfortable so that your care can be tailored to suit your needs.

Talk to your dentist about your fears and let the staff help you find a solution to ease your anxieties. Dental health is a key component to a healthy lifestyle, and without regular dental care, you can suffer pain and even disease that can be prevented by routine appointments.

At Downtown Dental, we are ready to discuss your options for stress-free dentistry and offer sedation dentistry at our Charlottesville dental office. If you suffer with dental anxiety, contact us today to let us help you find a way to get the care you need without the stress!